news about last Paris Ubuntu party

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Mon May 31 14:44:34 BST 2010

Hi all,

Last week-end, a large french official Ubuntu party has been done in 
Paris for Lucid release.
The team was in Paris and has done an official conference 
about Ubuntu Studio.

I explain, in live session under UBS 64 bits Lucid under my laptop what is

- latency
- Real-time
- the RT kernel inside UBS
- how it works with jack and audio softwares.

A complete demo was done with jack, jackrack, jackeq, meterbridge, 
audacious, hydrogen...
Everything goes fine, no xruns, latency at 5,8 ms on the very bad sound 
card, 11% of CPU use and an excellent sound in hears of the public.

We complete the demo in our stand, with and asus eeepc, UBS 64, jack, 
ardour, raccarak, and a musician playing guitar connected with an 
m-audio external sound card.

The public has been completly surprised !!! UBS is powerfull...

An interview live under oxyradio has been done to about Ubuntu Studio 
covering the whole France, and internet in live brodcast.

conference and interview should be available under ogg/ogv in few days, 
but my voice is only available in french.

One thing was wrong, UBS has a very ugly boot before launching GDM. Many 
users ask about it, beleaving it was a large bug...

We think too, that the "look" of programs are very important when the 
distro is called Ubuntu. Lucid has a very beautifull "look", and users 
want to find something like it under UBS.


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