What's wrong with jack ?

Pablo Fernandez pablo.fbus at gmail.com
Mon May 31 13:40:50 BST 2010

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 3:17 AM, Jose H. <joseche at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Jack is used for everything, it just seems to be the standard for anything
> related to audio in linux, BUT it doesn't work out of the box in Ubuntu
> Studio, which for me seems like a huge contradiction, you have everything
> that works with jack, but jack doesn't work :S

I agree that jack should work out of the box in ubuntustudio but I don't
agree that pulseaudio should not be the default audio system.

In many cases, jack does not suit users well but pulseaudio is fine.

As I see it, Jack is a must  for audio production, but not for audio in
general. For example, if you have a surround system like in a home cinema,
pulseaudio is the audio system that just works. Not jack.

> Am I supposed to *"rm /usr/bin/pulseaudio"* to make jack work ?, or it is
> just that Ubuntu Studio is not ready to be used for music production in a
> real sense ? = it is just for testing and experimenting

US is almost there. Imho, US should add the first user to the audio group
automatically so that jackd starts out of the box from qjackctl. jackd post
inst script (in lucid) gives the users in the audio group the privileges
that jackd needs.

For the rest, qjackctl launches pasuspender so pulseaudio is (almost) out of
the way.

Afaik, a cleaner approach than pasuspender or the rm you suggest in getting
rid of pulseaudio is the following:

qjackctl --> Options tab, execute script on startup:
pulseaudio -k

(this kills pulseaudio) (artsshell sounds like jurasic)

However, pulseaudio will respawn automatically if you don't do the

$ sudo edit /etc/pulse/client.conf

Change the line:
; autospawn = yes
autospawn = no

If you wish to start pulseaudio, once the jack session is finished:

$ pulseaudio --start

BTW, pavucontrol seems better to me than gnome sound control, both being
pulseaudio control interfaces.

Cheers! Pablo
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