Upgrade to 10.04; still no CD/DVD drive

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at gmail.com
Wed May 19 05:01:46 BST 2010


In a previous post I reported that Ubuntu Studio 9.10 could not find my HP
DVD Writer 840d; this issue was never resolved.  I have done a clean install
of 10.04 and have the same problem--From the first boot, the very drive that
read the install DVD, does not exist as far as Ubuntu Studio is concerned.
Since the drive worked fine while running generic Ubuntu 9.10 from a flash
drive, I could probably fix the problem simply by installing the generic
10.04 and adding the Studio packages.  However, if there is any interest in
finding and fixing this Ubuntu Studio-specific problem, I am willing to keep
this install and work with the list to get it ironed out.  I would really
like to see Ubuntu Studio work for as many people as possible.  I am
concerned that the adoption of Ubuntu Studio could be seriously hindered if
such common hardware is not usable.  Does anyone want to work on this with

--Paul in Seattle
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