NVIDIA-drivers for the rt-kernel

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On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 12:36 PM, Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at linuxuse.de>wrote:

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> Hello,
> now, that Ubuntu 10.4 is official, I thought I could use it with the
> rt-kernel but my experience with it was not so exiting, but more like
> kinda upsetting to say the least:

> jockey fails to install the correct NVDIA-module for the rt-kernel, it
> does so several times for all variants of the NVIDIA-modules available.

Greetings Hartmut,

I hope you realized that the -rt kernel available in the repositories is
based on the 2.6.31 kernel.  This should be contrasted with the 2.6.32
-generic, -lowlatency and -preempt kernels otherwise available.

Allesio Bogani from the Ubuntu Studio team says in another email:

      I would suggest to you (and to all others readers in this ml) to
      install and use linux-rt only if it is _really_ required.

      You could take a look on -preempt kernel (available only on amd64) or
      -lowlatency kernel (for both i386 and amd64) available on my PPA.
      These aren't fully preemptible kernels but should be enough for almost
      all our users.

Please try these other kernel options and let us know if they satisfy your
needs.  Getting your (and everyone's) feedback is critical to future

> Installing Ubuntu-studio settings activates GDM without asking, if I
> would prefer to keep KDM.
> GDM chooses XFCE when starting though I never have asked for that too.
> Next time it likes to choose KDE4 - is there a random number generator
> in use?

It sound like you may be starting with a base KDE install and then
installing Ubuntu Studio packages on top of it?

If you could consistently reproduce this effect then I would suggest you
file a bug.

The inclusion of XFCE is surprising.  Did you install it also?  I wouldn't
expect (although I could be wrong) that any of the Ubuntu Studio packages
would bring in the XFCE desktop environment.

> But these are mere oddities - the main trouble is NVIDIA.
> what can I do ?
> best regards
Please try the other kernel flavors as Allesio suggested and let us know
your experiences.  Remember, your experiences can help determine the future
of Ubuntu Studio and which kernels are being used.

And I request that you try the other kernels before you dissuade anyone from
using Ubuntu Studio.

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