NVIDIA-drivers for the rt-kernel

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Tue May 11 09:50:09 BST 2010

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Am 11.05.2010 00:40, schrieb Gerhard Lang:
> Moin Hartmut,
> I was messing around with lucid's amd64 betas and some bleeding-edge 
> ppas (not on productive partition ;) ) and suddenly Nvidia proprietary 
> drivers stopped working.
> So I had to remove these ppas, downgrade all xorg stuff to lucid 
> standards, remove jockey and all nvidia stuff besides nv, and installed 
> last driver from Nvidia's site manually as described in many howtos. Now 
> ubuntu's kernels 2.6.31-10-rt and 2.6.31-12-realtime again cooperate 
> with Nvidia 172.14.25 and my old fx5200.

I feared that it would turn out this way :-|

To be honest: of course I could fetch the driver from nividia.com and
install it from scratch but I thought, Ubuntu would solve these garbage
details with some klicks. So it did before flawlessly on the very same
machine and it still works with the generic kernel.

In the end it means, that I cannot recommend UbuntuStudio for musicians
that would like to switch...

> I love this legacy card due to 
> it's noiseless passive cooling.
> But it may depend on your card and driver. Did you give nvnews and their 
> linux section a look?
> Gruesse

Danke  :-) bis bald


> bluesscream
> Am 10.05.2010 19:36, schrieb Hartmut Noack:
> Hello,
> now, that Ubuntu 10.4 is official, I thought I could use it with the
> rt-kernel but my experience with it was not so exiting, but more like
> kinda upsetting to say the least:
> jockey fails to install the correct NVDIA-module for the rt-kernel, it
> does so several times for all variants of the NVIDIA-modules available.
> Installing Ubuntu-studio settings activates GDM without asking, if I
> would prefer to keep KDM.
> GDM chooses XFCE when starting though I never have asked for that too.
> Next time it likes to choose KDE4 - is there a random number generator
> in use?
> But these are mere oddities - the main trouble is NVIDIA.
> what can I do ?
> best regards

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