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TSH tsh.gmane at
Wed May 12 19:45:20 BST 2010

Until now I've been an Ubuntu and Xubuntu user, and have played around 
with other variants, like Mint. This is my first Studio installation, on 
a 64 bit machine.

Does Studio 10.04 come with the KDE desktop as well as the default Gnome 
one? I realise this may be a stupid question, but when I log out of my 
usual Gnome session, I see the option to log back in to a KDE session. 
And yet this just results in a black, useless screen, with a mouse 
pointer over it.

This is not a particularly big deal for me, as I prefer Gnome anyway. But 
I also like to use some applications like Amarok, Scribus, Knode, and 
others which are aimed at KDE environments. But in Studio, unlike in 
other 'buntus I've used, these do not pick up the native theme in any 
way, and look horribly out of place in the Gnome environment. Previously 
when I've installed these applications in other variants, at least the 
basic window frame and colour respects the theme settings in Gnome. I'm 
wondering if this is related to the KDE desktop not seeming to work.


Stewart H.
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