Taking video off camcorder tapes

Pat Hannon pjjhannon at googlemail.com
Thu May 6 19:54:36 BST 2010

The camcorder is a Sony handycam CCD-TRV59E PAL.
It only has/uses 8mm tapes.
It has a S Video out jack
It has a A/V out jack
It has a RFU dc out (RFU adaptor DC output) jack.

I have a A/V out cable with two male fittings on the end which fits in
the A/V out jack
I have a S Video cable with a male connection each end.

The connection to the PC is a Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD Creator.

I do _not_ have a video card in the computer but can put one in if need be.
There is no firewire connection on the handycam and my PC.

I have also failed to do this with Windoze XP.

Many thanks for the help so far.



What's inside your camcorder ?

Tape (mini-dv), or Tape (VHS)
Disk (DVD-/+R/RW)

The connexion to PC, and the grabbing of the video depends of the type
of your camcorder.


Pat Hannon wrote:
> How do I upload a camcorder tape to my computer? I want to upload video
> I took with my camcorder to the computer. It is not on a memory card.
> What do I need to do and what program?
> Thanks


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