[OT] Assembling an station for video edition

Aradenatorix Veckhom Vacelaevus aradnix at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 19:26:29 BST 2010

Well, in fact we can't wait soooooo long. The prices here aren't so
expensive, a good MoBo can cost US$25, a MoBO more expensivbe like one of
those you say only can be acquired by importation. I was searching options
in Asus and Gigabyte, I choosed an Asus M4A79T DeLuxe, but I'm not sure,
maybe I could find something better and of course not so expensive.

By the way Neil, could you bring me a page where to read more about that HT
tecnhology please.


lutar e vencer!
lluitar i vèncer!
combattre et vaincre!
combattere e vincere!
vechten en overwinnen!
kämpfen und besiegen!
kämpa och besegra!
bojovat a zvítězit!
walczyć i wygrać!
воевать и выиграть!
jarraitu eta garaitu!
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