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Roy Damen roydamen at
Sat Mar 13 09:15:28 GMT 2010

Hello people,
There are no real problems with me and UbuntuStudio at the moment. I just
want to let you know that i'm happy that it's weekend and therefore goïng to
create a new tune in a minute with my álmost perfect pre-install of 10.04.
When i had configured Karmic for audio i noticed that the audiosoftware was
very unstable on my machine. Way more than my coïnstallation of 9.04 so
after a few try-overs i decided to upgrade the Karmic to Lucid (64bit-rt).
When in the beginning of the delevopement the whole system where mainly
loose ends, but audio was running smoothly! Now i finally have the whole
Jacksetup automated for my use: i play the guitar; grab a mic with it; make
a beat-sound with the mouth(if i.e.hydrogen won't listen
immediately);sooperloop it;mix with freqtweak(seperate connection in Jackeq
on monitor out in case of failure sound won't stop!); press button on
Timemachine and then some terrornoise is easily created and sometimes
useful, beautiful things..

I hope this will help some people to get good use of their tools. Also i
hope it won't take long anymore when the programs go beyond version 1.0 At
this moment i can not beleive there is anyone performing live with
UbuntuStudio: connectiondropouts are unacceptable in a livesession(for the
public). And it is too bad that LMMS is working way better on a
windowsplatform(!?) and that it is not running ok with Jack. Maybe there is
another tool with a pianoroll that can load samples, but i can't find it.
Well i did find it: The Christmas edition of Hydrogen allows independent
pitch-control, so i installed that in stead of the UbuntuStudio version. Now
i can even program basslines in Hydrogen. Sorry for that but you leave me no
other choice, perhaps i missed out a thing?

Thumbs up for Rakarrack! The sound is so good(after a little tweaking) that
you might as well bring your laptop on stage and leave the
guitareffectsprocessor at home, or maybe sell it.. Stability is about 100%
ok here.

I have even convinced some friends now to get UbuntuStudio, there is only
one thing i can't understand: Why there isn't just a litte setup-script for
setting up rt-audio. I will try to make this myself and test it on several
machines. Then maybe it will be implemented in a next version so that any
newcomers won't get scared off anymore.. To be honest it took me 2 years to
figure out the errormessages in qjackct l- i didn't know where to search.
Now that i have it up and running with a stable latency of 8msec(did not
tune hd jet) i want to create a new tune each day and also share my
knowledge with others.

Greetings from a happy UbuntuStudio user,

Roy Damen
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