Ubuntu Studio Login Logo Tweaked

C. F. Howlett seattlechaz at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 05:47:34 BST 2010

Greetings Creatives:

IMHO, Ubuntu Studio comes with some of the most appealing eyecandy by
default - but why settle for standard?

I looked far and wide to find JUST the right wallpaper.  All was right
with the world - until I found THIS: 


My login logo was the official Circle of Friends logo.  Couldn't I just
LIVE with that? 

Don't be silly.

At first I considered getting HAL 9000's eye - ask your grandparents.
Then I saw this:


First I tried to make the change via Ubuntu Tweak.  I thought it had
worked, but it failed and didn't even give me an error message.

The tutorial doesn't mention it, but you must be root to change the
logo. Also, the tutorial appears to be in error on the image format - I
believe it has to be .svg not .png.  At any rate, I used the terminal to
rename the Circle of Friends logo and left it in place.  I renamed the
Ubuntu Studio Globe and now I have a shiny new Ubuntu Studio symbol as my login logo.  Sweet!

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