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Fri Jun 11 02:13:43 BST 2010

You are right, it is probably not a good idea to start calling Ubuntu Studio
> 'pro' just yet.  I suppose the main thrust of what I'm saying is that we
> should be up front about the fact that Ubuntu Studio is a complex and
> advanced system, but point out how this is good thing by explaining the
> benefits you gain if you're willing to learn.  People who are interested in

To be willing to learn is something you can count on, if you want to produce
music you are used to be willing to learn we things, but to be willing to
fix bugs and tweak files and permissions is something completely different.

It is true that the focus is not usability, but that same factor is always
a *sine qua non* factor for anything you aspire to call "pro" or "high
quality", so it should be faced as soon as possible imho.

> Ubuntu Studio should be able to have clear expectations about what they are
> getting into.
The expectations are not clear right now, since the user doesn't know he
will face an known (commonly big) amount of issues to get it working. That
is exactly what makes users talk so bad about open source for audio
production in forums.

PD: Yes you can make great software with terrible UI (user experience as a
general concept), but is your software intended for machines or only
software experts ?
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