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On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 7:40 PM, Jose H. <joseche at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have the crazy idea that Ubuntu Studio should be user oriented.
> If that was the case, ubuntu studio needs to solve two really big issues:
>    1) complexity: PA vs Jack => ubuntu studio vs the user, Windows and Mac
> will win

I agree and we are working toward this goal with better integration between
JACK and Pulse Audio.

This is arguably the biggest user complaint and therefore we are attempting
to address it.

>    2) stability: jacks crashes, timidity crashes, etc.....

I personally suffer very, very little from any crashes.  If you are
experiencing crashes, and I cannot stress this enough, then please file a
bug report about it!  This is exceptionally important for all users!

Problems cannot be fixed unless we are aware of them.  And emails to the
users list is not enough.

The information contained in bug reports is crucial to determining the cause
and the solution.  Please file bug reports.

Sorry, dead horse = beaten.

> Shouldn't JACK+Timidity start with init.d and be stable, working without
> issues with PA ?

I'm not sure JACK should start by default as many people use their boxes for
other activities than recording music.  However, I do agree that it should
work without issues with Pulse Audio.

> My Two cents.
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