Ubuntu Studio 10.04 upgrade report & comments

Mac McIlvaine suemac at empire.net
Thu Jun 10 11:54:24 BST 2010

Hi All,

First a quick response to the chief dev's thread.

I would agree with comments about use-ability. If the intent is to 
provide a tool to accomplish a task, some assembly required is ok.
But, if the assembly replaces the task...

Learning curve is a different issue and is to be expected with any 
complicated tool. This becomes even more important if it is your 
livelihood or the customer is sitting idle while you try to minimize 
xruns or fiddle with permissions.

That said, UBS has been improving with each release and I applaud 
the work that moves it along.

Now my upgrade report:

I had a working system with UB 9.04 with Studio package installed 
running for about a year. Later in the year I upgraded to 9.10. In 
order to get no xruns I was using a kernel built by Luke McNeil.

I have now done a fresh install of UBS 10.04. After fooling with 
some permission issues with JACK and ffado, I got things running 
to the point I could set up a test.

I fired up Ardour, added 24 tracks, auto attached to the 24 ports 
on my AF12's. Armed all channels and recorded for over an hour with 
only 1 xrun.

I may be able to tweak some setting in qjackctl and maybe get to 
0 xruns.

Great job guys!


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