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teza tsaliou75 at orange.fr
Tue Jun 8 00:53:25 BST 2010

Le 07/06/2010 22:29, Hartmut Noack a écrit :
> Am 07.06.2010 21:46, schrieb Scott Lavender:
>> As project lead I hope to provide active, direct leadership in a transparent
>> manner.
> Transparency is indeed crucial. It is a major advantage of free software
> and I think it could be pushed some more in Ubuntu overall. Personally I
> have noticed your efforts in that field and appreciate them a lot :-)
>> We are working on JACK and Pulse Audio integration via dbus and the Alpha 1
>> ISO is available for all to begin testing.  Obviously finding stable
>> integration between JACK and Pulse Audio would be a marked improvement in
>> usability.
> I love to see this improve but still I think, it will not be easy to
> diminish the hatred against PA that many users have accumulated.
> The overall design of PA is capable to solve many many problems for
> Linux Audio and I think, we have no better approach and I am sure, that
> nobdy on earth really wants any all new experiments so PA should be
> pushed I think.
> BUT to gain the trust of the users PA must become much more
> user-configurable then before. The first step should be a "disable
> PA"-switch in a decent, accessible GUI (could be a mixer). This should
> be possible *without* removing PA alltogether and PA should be really
> absolute passive if this switch is flicked by the user.
>> LV2 plugins are another area of improvement.  We began packaging these last
>> cycle and continue this cycle.
> That is very good news :-)
> Can we have the all-new CALF-stuff from SVN?
>> Please let us know how we can improve Ubuntu Studio for you, just remember
>> that we work within the Ubuntu paradigm, so all improvements must comply
>> with those systemic restrictions (e.g. all applications in the official
>> repositories).
> Guitarix is very important and it makes astounding progress at the
> moment. Brummer and freinds made this little crushing amp a veritable
> powerstack usable for serious studio-use with full MIDI-learn, built-in
> convolution-engine and many other pro-grade features.
> And i have to stress this again: the new CALF-Plugins that are in the
> works now will be a revolution in the world of native plugins for Linux.
> Some are entirely new like the sidechain-compressor, others replace
> bit-rotten LADSPA-plugins that do not work anymore like the powerfull
> deesser. And most of them work allready:
> http://lapoc.de/img/calf-new10.png
> best regs
> HZN/Berlin
Hi, I agree for Guitarix this software made a big jump lately. Where did 
you find the calf plugin you show in the picture?
Best Regards

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