Ubuntu Studio Project Lead

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon Jun 7 21:29:44 BST 2010

Am 07.06.2010 21:46, schrieb Scott Lavender:

> As project lead I hope to provide active, direct leadership in a transparent
> manner.

Transparency is indeed crucial. It is a major advantage of free software 
and I think it could be pushed some more in Ubuntu overall. Personally I 
have noticed your efforts in that field and appreciate them a lot :-)

> We are working on JACK and Pulse Audio integration via dbus and the Alpha 1
> ISO is available for all to begin testing.  Obviously finding stable
> integration between JACK and Pulse Audio would be a marked improvement in
> usability.

I love to see this improve but still I think, it will not be easy to 
diminish the hatred against PA that many users have accumulated.

The overall design of PA is capable to solve many many problems for 
Linux Audio and I think, we have no better approach and I am sure, that 
nobdy on earth really wants any all new experiments so PA should be 
pushed I think.

BUT to gain the trust of the users PA must become much more 
user-configurable then before. The first step should be a "disable 
PA"-switch in a decent, accessible GUI (could be a mixer). This should 
be possible *without* removing PA alltogether and PA should be really 
absolute passive if this switch is flicked by the user.

> LV2 plugins are another area of improvement.  We began packaging these last
> cycle and continue this cycle.

That is very good news :-)
Can we have the all-new CALF-stuff from SVN?

> Please let us know how we can improve Ubuntu Studio for you, just remember
> that we work within the Ubuntu paradigm, so all improvements must comply
> with those systemic restrictions (e.g. all applications in the official
> repositories).

Guitarix is very important and it makes astounding progress at the 
moment. Brummer and freinds made this little crushing amp a veritable 
powerstack usable for serious studio-use with full MIDI-learn, built-in 
convolution-engine and many other pro-grade features.
And i have to stress this again: the new CALF-Plugins that are in the 
works now will be a revolution in the world of native plugins for Linux. 
Some are entirely new like the sidechain-compressor, others replace 
bit-rotten LADSPA-plugins that do not work anymore like the powerfull 
deesser. And most of them work allready:


best regs

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