What's wrong with jack ?

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Tue Jun 1 09:55:52 BST 2010

Am 31.05.2010 14:40, schrieb Pablo Fernandez:
> I agree that jack should work out of the box in ubuntustudio but I don't
> agree that pulseaudio should not be the default audio system.
> In many cases, jack does not suit users well but pulseaudio is fine.

PA has the potential to solve a lot of old problems in Linux Desktop 
audio for good but it is not there yet. So the user should have the 
option to disable it completely - the same as he/she has the option not 
to use nautilus or apache.
And this should be possible *without* deinstalling it.

> As I see it, Jack is a must  for audio production, but not for audio in
> general. For example, if you have a surround system like in a home cinema,
> pulseaudio is the audio system that just works. Not jack.
>> Am I supposed to *"rm /usr/bin/pulseaudio"* to make jack work ?

This may or may not work I suppose it will not for it canwill break many 
other things on the desktop, crashing apps etc.

>> just that Ubuntu Studio is not ready to be used for music production in a
>> real sense ? = it is just for testing and experimenting
> US is almost there. Imho, US should add the first user to the audio group
> automatically so that jackd starts out of the box from qjackctl. jackd post
> inst script (in lucid) gives the users in the audio group the privileges
> that jackd needs.

Again: is there ANY sane reason, that this script does not edit 

The script works but it breaks standards, that used to work like a charm 
for years now in the Linux audio realm. Asking G "how to setup linux for 
jack" turns out dozens of tutorials how to set up limits.conf. All of 
those work perfectly well on any Linux.

Plus, as you mention yourself later on, the script must set up group 
audio as well, this is a no-brainer and I really do not know, why the 
packagers do not implement that.

> For the rest, qjackctl launches pasuspender so pulseaudio is (almost) out of
> the way.

I recommend that. It works very much OK for me.

> Afaik, a cleaner approach than pasuspender or the rm you suggest in getting
> rid of pulseaudio is the following:
> qjackctl -->  Options tab, execute script on startup:
> pulseaudio -k
> (this kills pulseaudio) (artsshell sounds like jurasic)
> However, pulseaudio will respawn automatically if you don't do the
> following:
> $ sudo edit /etc/pulse/client.conf
> Change the line:
> ; autospawn = yes
> to:
> autospawn = no
> If you wish to start pulseaudio, once the jack session is finished:
> $ pulseaudio --start

This methods I tried in Open Suse 11.2 and it broke my system so 
globally and totally that I abandoned the OpenSuse-Installation. So I 
really recommend to check out, if pasuspender does the trick or try a 
system, that is 100% geared towards audio-power use such as pure:dyne or 
AVLinux. Both outperform anything else in audio today but they are not 
as nice a desktop as Ubuntu and they do not have such a big community 
and most of all: they lack the near-perfectly integrated big 
repositories Ubuntu has.

Best regards,

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