Synth Pop music with vocals? Linux sampler help?

psycho psychonain at
Mon Dec 20 18:41:16 GMT 2010

I Use exactly this configuration, rosegarden for midi and ardour for
recording and mixing and mastering (with jamin).. all you need is to put
rosegarden as a jack slave (in preferences menu) and make ardour the master
for jack so when you record or just listen it do transport on rosegarden
too... if you're a windows user it work quite the same as reason and cubase
via rewire... so when you're happy with your midi tracks just record them in
ardour for mixing all together at this time you don't need rosegarden
anymore... i forgot to say that there is an option in rosegarden to separate
all audio channels so you can record each track separatly in ardour...
The ardour team is working a lot a maybe in the next weeks there would be an
alpha release of ardour 3 wich handles midi too... at this time Ardour will
be the greatest DAW in world !!!!!!!!

so enjoy doing music
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