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Thu Dec 2 23:23:37 GMT 2010

On Thu, 2010-12-02 at 18:12 -0500, Douglas Pollard wrote:
> On 12/02/2010 04:06 PM, Daniel Worth wrote: 
> > The developers are planning an OSX and a Linux port of it.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 1:58 PM, Karl Giesing <khzmusik at>
> > wrote:
> >         I'm probably late to the game, but did anyone see this? 
> >         
> >         
> >         "Back in April 2010, we announced our plans to take
> >         Lightworks open source. We always said the first step would
> >         be to make the application freely available so that a large
> >         community of users could start becoming familiar with it. We
> >         are very pleased to have reached this first milestone. Now
> >         you can freely download the most intuitive and advanced
> >         editor available. This is not a trial download. >From here
> >         forward, you will always be able to download and use the
> >         latest version of Lightworks for free."
> >         
> >         
> >         It's a Windows program, so I have no doubt that it's not
> >         remotely suitable for Linux at this point. But does anyone
> >         know of plans to port it, once it becomes open source?
> >         
> >         -Karl.
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> I have a xp partition on my computer so I down loaded so I downloaded
> Lightworks beta.  The first try was 10.01 and it would not open up and
> run.  They did an update 10.01.1 so I downloaded it and it works fine.
> I looked it over a little bit and loaded one of my video files on it.
> I havent done anything more with it as I don't really want to spend a
> lot of time reading the manual right now. The program looks nice
> though I hadn't figured out how to look at the timeline.  I really
> like the feel of Cinelerra so I may never use it.


As I have written before, I did work as a professional and 'I guess'
Cinelerra nearly is professional. OTOH, at home I did use very, very,
very modest video editing apps, because I don't need professional
editing abilities for my needs.

IMO Cinelerra is a very good choice.

> I am kind of interested in a program that will do a good job of auto
> producing as a quick trick with pictures and video in a movie like
> video.  I belong to some on line boat building groups and would like a
> quick way to produce some video to show to the groups only, but good
> enough to not embarrass me.  I thought this might be it, but I don't
> think it has that capability. I may have to buy a copy of Muvee maker
> to use in XP I have used it and the later versions are pretty good.   
> Doug               

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