firepod midi support

martin mentoj_dija at
Wed Dec 1 19:11:56 GMT 2010

Am 01.12.2010 00:51, schrieb Ronan Jouchet:
> I think it should.
> What does the MIDI tab of qjackctl report?
> Ronan
> On 10-11-30 06:35 PM, mentoj dija wrote:
>> so thank you guys for your help to start my firepod running. a brilliant
>> device. there is only one futher question: does the midi-interface built
>> in the pod work out of the box? well, it doesn't in my case... what do?
>> cheers
ah, sry. i forgot. yea, there is no device listet in the midi-tab. which 
is strange, because i just got another cheap midi-usb-interface which 
worked out of the box with linux (not with windows xp, but thats another 

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