MIDI-support card needed

Michael dennismail at gmx.net
Tue Aug 24 09:20:37 BST 2010

> Don't! Avoid USB MIDI, see the LAD archive for ALSA MIDI latency
> (jitter) tests. By the way, I've got a Swissonic USB device, the jitter
> test was ok, but listening isn't ok, anyway 2 of this, for USB good
> devices, does cost less then one Edirol,
> http://www.thomann.de/gb/swissonic_midiusb_1x1.htm.

This is really out of question to me: I will certainly not use MIDI over USB. I talked to some guys and beside the technical issues of this, there is the question about the intention of a musician using this: Doing real music certainly does not work with MIDI over USB. I know that this opinion may be considered as offensive or something like this, but that´s what I was told but everyone I asked, so I guess, there is truth behind it.

Any other real good sound cards that can be recommended?


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