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Sun Aug 22 23:34:59 BST 2010

Am 22.08.2010 18:49, schrieb Rolf Krüger:
> Am 22.08.2010 18:14, schrieb lrspares45:
>> On Sun, 2010-08-22 at 16:28 +0200, Rolf Krüger wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> What I like most about this setup is, that you can route all your
>>> instruments (yes, every single Drumsound from Hydrogen) through
>>> Busses(!!!!! not Tracks!!!!!) in Ardour and use the effects and mixer
>>> section of Ardour for the complete mix.
>>> HTH
>>> Rolf
>> Hi Rolf,
>> could you expand on that please? I think it's what I want to do  - is
>> there a tutorial anywhere?
> No, AFAIK there´s no tutorial on this. But it´s very easy. First start
> Jack (with GUI), Ardour and then Hydrogen. Now have a look at the
> options dialog of Hydrogen. There´s an option "ceate per instruments
> outputs", make sure this is checked. Then have a look at Jack´s
> connection window, there you should now see all instruments of Hydrogen.
> Disconnect Hydrogens "out L and out R from the system outputs (otherwise
> you will find strange effects later on). Now, say you want something
> easy, like just Kick, Snare and HiHat signals "flowing" through Ardour:
> Add three Busses (not Tracks!!!) in Ardour and name them e.g. "KickBus",
> "SnareBus", "HiHatBus". Now edit the inputs for each bus and assign the
> appropriate Hydrogen outputs. Make sure the busses outputs are routed to
> Ardours master outs. That´s it. Now you can easily add effects like
> Gate, Compressor EQ, etc. to each drum sound separately and you will be
> able to edit everything in Ardour´s mixer panel, pretty cool, eh?
> Depending on the drum sounds it might not be necessary to use stereo
> busses. I always worked with mono busses and received pretty good
> results so far.
> Another thing one could do is to do use Tracks instead of busses and
> really record the drum sounds to single tracks in ardour. From that
> moment on you could close down Hydrogen. I first worked like this too,
> but it´s a hassle, if you find later in the mix, that you must have to
> change some of the drums stuff. As long as your machine (and sound
> server) has enough performance headroom, I would not recommend this.
> I also do this with midi-files in Muse. For each instrument I open a
> Qsynth instance, load my soundfonts, connect the Qsynth instances from
> Muse, and again, route the synth outs to Ardour busses. In Muse it´s  a
> little tricky to have it sync with Jack, but a little trial&  error
> should end up with a working solution.
> In order to have all apps synchronized correctly, make sure that you
> have enabled Jack as the TimeBase and Ardour as the TimeMaster (see my
> last post for details).
> If you are diving into the nitty gritty of Ardour I highly recommend the
> so called "Floss Manual" (, this is
> the source where I learned all I wanted to know about ardour (This is
> also the #1 resource if you do not know how to assign in-/outputs in
> Ardour).
> Ah wait! Here´s something which caused me a lot of trouble in the
> beginning: The Jack connection dialog wouldn´t refresh properly after
> adding new instruments, tracks, busses, .... Someone posted a patch for
> this a few months ago on this list. There was also a fix, that lets you
> minimize the sub-windows of Jack´s GUI (which is very helpful). I don´t
> know, if the Jack Version that you use, has this problems too.
> Have Phun!
> Rolf
Tx Rolf ,
this is worth to be admitted into a wiki
best regards gerhard

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