Start 2 functions of apps at same point of time

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Sun Aug 22 20:36:26 BST 2010

Hm? It shouldn't be a pain, but just be annoying to change recorded
drums later ;). You could record drums and later mute those drums and
record or just play in sync new drums. I don't know if there is a sync
issue for JACK transport now, but once there was an issue. There was a
delay of one buffer size, that caused a delay that sounds similar to an
early reflection effect, but even if there should be such a delay, I
guess you could give Ardour's tracks an offset.

I did run Rosegarden or Qtractor to play drums by Fluidsynth DSSI, or
Qsynth for Soundfonts or LinuxSampler for GIG files or I used Hydrogen
without it's own sequencer, but as a MIDI sample player. Unfortunately
PC realtime (Windows and Linux) isn't ok when using external MIDI
instruments, because of jitter, internal a PC (Windows and Linux) MIDI
is without jitter.

Avoid USB MIDI and prefer gameport MIDI regarding to issues caused
because of jitter.

A picture of the Delta 66,, shows that it comes with
a gameport, perhaps it does support MIDI, you just need a cable
including opto-couplers.
For the 1010 there seems to be a MIDI adaptor part of the product

If you are from Germany get this adapter, if not use the search engine and search for something that doesn't cost too much.

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