Trouble with wireless setup

Rolf Krüger rolf-krueger at
Wed Apr 14 17:44:09 BST 2010

mischa falkenburg schrieb:
> To be honest about it, the only reason I tried to use 8.04, is that it's 
> what I have available on a DVD. 

well, ok, must have been something like that :-) Reminds me back on the
days, when i had a 64k-internet-connection :-)

> I haven't done an extensive search, but 
> so far all I've seen out there for download is 8.04.
> ( I did have a different box that had a more recent version...but it 
> already had a working wifi connection!) Any chance you (or someone else) 
> could provide a link to something more recent?
Of course, what about this?

Have phun!

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