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Mon Sep 7 08:28:28 BST 2009

You can tag emails with gmail so that messages are deleted when say they
come from me.. Or you can tag emails to identify that they come from the
ubuntu studio group.. I'm involved with two listservs, ubuntu studio and a
local ubuntu group as well as receiving junk mail. I've got it set up such
that when I get emails they are tagged with names that help me discern the
message list from afar, with colors and names. Purple for Ubuntu Studio,
Orange for Ubuntu Local.. Grey with the words "Crap" for junk mail that I
care enough about not to delete.  Also inside google email, your friends can
send you quick chats to notify (using Ajax and javascript) that they are say
online (on a friday) in ventrillo waiting to play Quake Wars.  Also there
are ways to have email receive there forwarded.. If you were unlucky enough
to get Juno for a email address, for 5 dollars extra a month you can have
your email forwarded (say to gmail).. Juno reserves the right to spam you by
making their email filters exclude emails than only keep those people in
your address book. I was on earthlink, paying 20 dollar monthly fee (with
modem support) until I found out I could switch to a yearly internet only
fee of about 30 dollars, and forward email from there.

I'm not really sure if it is gmail or firefox that is helping me correct my
spelling errors..

Whatever you decide to do, rather than expecting everyone to format their
emails to your expectations, why not update your email program to categorize
your emails?

BTW, Gmail is virtually spam free, I don't know how they do it..

Also you can skin it, I have a "school desktop" theme.
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