Stability problems with 9.04 64bit quad core

Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Wed Sep 2 10:09:21 BST 2009

Also I heard 8.10 is the version of Ubuntu that had the multi-core realtime
kernel issues.. I've heard the best are 8.04 or 9.04.. Skip 8.10.. 8.04 for
Ubuntu Studio is said to be more stable, but it works fine in 9.04 .. You
might want to check your "/proc/interrupts" to see if you have multiple
things sharing the same interrupt, like if your hard drive is sharing an
interrupt with your sound card, that's probably what is causing a conflict,
the swap is inadequate and so the hard drive is busy swapping memory and
jack is unable to manage the sound card.  I'm just guessing..

instability problems? Do I need to go back to 8.10? I  haven't been able to
> duplicate the crashes as they seem unpredictable. I can sometimes get it to
> crash by scrolling/resizing. Maybe its the video chipset, I have the intel
> GMA 4500HD chipset.
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