Stability problems with 9.04 64bit quad core

Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Wed Sep 2 10:20:02 BST 2009

If it is an interrupt problem, you'll have to move your sound card to
another slot.. Or if the sound is on your motherboard, buy another card and
use that instead of the motherboard. Also I think the 64-bit kernel is the
other problem. I think I read somewhere that Linux doesn't permit you to use
the full 4 gigs of ram, that you get something less than 4 gigs cause the
rest of the address space is used for addressing devices.
I had to disable my onboard sound card and put a soundblaster card where my
firewire card was cause the firewire card had it's own interrupt, and my
NVidia card was sharing an interrupt with my motherboard's sound.
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