looking for virtual instruments and midi-sequencer

mark at msbrepairs.com mark at msbrepairs.com
Wed Sep 30 21:31:42 BST 2009

Quoting mentoj_dija at gmx.de:

> Hi community,
> A friend of mine asked me for help with her audio-pc.  Its a very strong
> machine with a big midi-keyboard. windows was not her thing (to laggy...).
> Ubuntu studio was my tip. She just want to switch on the computer, choose an
> instrument and record the music in 2 or 3 channels.
> Well, i'm able to help with ardour and jack, but i have no idea about virtual
> instruments (its because i produce with hardware and just need a pc for
> recording).  and i cant find an easy to use programm with a good piano-sound.
> can somebody help me with this?

Try zynaddsubfx - quick and easy with some great sounding instruments.


If she has a soundblaster card or another 'wavetable' sound card, it is possible
to load a sound font into the card and use the hardware to run the synth as a
midi instrument.

You can also load a sound font into qsynth to use it as a software synth if you
don't have a wavetable card.

Using sound fonts can get you some nice sounding pianos.

> second question: which app is good to record midi-signals? i think rosegarden
> is to heavy.

seq24 is very light, although I still prefer rosegarden

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