Ardour and Funding

Gustin Johnson gustin at
Mon Sep 7 19:51:59 BST 2009

Kiernan Holland wrote:
> Sorry, I use Gmail which automatically threads the emails in batches.. I
> don't have this problem anymore. It would be nice if the whole world
> uses gmail, consider that you can use "https" which encrypts the
> messages over untrusted lines.. But if you don't trust Google Mail, I'm
> sure you could find a plugin for Thunderbird that would do the same
> thing. But if you use Pine or Elm or some old terminal based email
> program, I can't really help you.
> God forbid you are using outlook. But I can understand it if you are
> using a crackberry.
Both my Blackberry and Thunderbird are able to connect directly to
google (which only hosts one of my domains) via IMAPS (which in
encrypted).  No plugins or weirdness required.  I only use the web GUI
when I absolutely *have* to.  As nice as it is when compared to other
webmail front ends, I still get annoyed by it.  Thunderbird is still my #1.

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