Ardour and Funding

Gustin Johnson gustin at
Mon Sep 7 20:15:02 BST 2009

Kiernan Holland wrote:
> Whatever you decide to do, rather than expecting everyone to format
> their emails to your expectations, why not update your email program to

This is not his expectation, but rather the expectation of the group.
Some will disagree (as you seem to), but most of us think that this is a
reasonable request to facilitate communication.

> categorize your emails? 
I already do that.  I actually use sieve to sort them into folders
server side.  Having said that, 23+ messages (most from one person) for
Ubuntu Studio is annoying to wade through as there was not really
anything pertinent.

> BTW, Gmail is virtually spam free, I don't know how they do it..
Hard work.  I maintain a number of mail servers, keeping things spam
free takes work.

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