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Tue Sep 1 21:32:58 BST 2009

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Kiernan Holland wrote:
> Look.. I was just pointing out an option, I only paid 219 dollars for
>  this, and sound doesn't really require a whole lot of CPU time
> anyhow. MIDI was developed in 1983.. You could do midi sequencing
> with a commodore 64. The only major difference is the handling of
> digital audio and software synths.  BTW, this laptop does fine for
> what it has. I guess I could splurge 1200 for a laptop that will be
> 300 dollars in 4 years, and I'd have some knowitall telling me that
> it's not modern enough. Remember, you are talking to a linux crowd,
> not the Mac *cough*Snob*cough* Crowd.

Don't take it so personally.  All I meant to say was that your
/proc/interrupts file is not representative of current hardware and that
the OP should not at all be concerned that any laptop he tests will look
differently.  My Lenovo from 2005 is hardly modern, but the
/proc/interrupts file looks different because it is one generation newer
than yours.
> BTW, I have paid thousands of dollars for machines in the past. 2800
> for a Commodore Amiga 3000 .. And about 3000 for a Dell Dimension
> b800r (I think that's the model number), Maximum PC gave it a 10 in
> 1999..  BTW, I still have both.  I'm currently building a Nvidia 750i
> with a Pentium D 3.73Ghz (overclockable to 4.2 Ghz). With the fastest
> ram I can get and such.. The cost is going to be about 500 dollars,
> and the first time I've built a PC by myself. That will be my Ubuntu
> Studio sound machine. But laptops are costly, if all you want to do
> is experiment with sound, a T30 is adequate.
It depends on what you want to do.  As long as one knows the limitations
of the hardware, you could use a 486.  He could buy a really old
computer, but he should not expect to be running a number of effects and
soft synths at the same time.

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