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Wed Oct 28 13:12:48 GMT 2009

Well I can tell you this for a fact my XP in VirtualBox (Dell Inspiron 1720)
runs performs faster than my XP running solo on an Acer 21" laptop. The
VirtualBox has I.5 Gigs of RAM assigned to its operations from the 3.5
available of my 4Gigs. The Acer has 2Gigs of RAM


On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 12:34 PM, Mac McIlvaine <suemac at empire.net> wrote:

> How well does Ubuntu run XP in a virtual box? I have a couple of
> programs that use sound and midi heavily and would like to find a
> way to use them.
> I'm looking for ways because on new machines with only sata, my old
> XP cd won't load and I've been unsuccessful at slipstreaming the
> XP CD.
> At Wednesday, 28 October 2009, you wrote:
> >On Oct 28, 2009 5:53am, aYo Binitie <ayobinitie at googlemail.com>
> wrote:> > > >  > > I never use Wine - if you really need Windows
> software run it in> VitualBox running windows. The truth is that
> most Windows users are> bound to habit and really expect Windowlike
> behaviour from a different> OS. I found the differences in using
> Ubuntu a bit iffy at forst but,> was so discouraged but my Windows
> experience that I percevered. Thank> goodness for that. I sometimes
> cannot believe how much of an Ubuntu> evangelist I have becomeI agree.
> Most Windows users have become blind to the fact that Windows,
> compared to Ubuntu, is actually a much harder system to learn.  It's
> just that they all learned Windows out of necessity and are now used
> to it.  They call it easy to use, I call it 'Microsoft forcing you
> to deal with their crap."
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