Ubuntu and Linux & Open Source mentioned on BBC - this is getting big

sandie sandie at sandgreen.dk
Wed Oct 28 13:12:15 GMT 2009

I use Vocaloid in a virtualbox with XP without any problems.
I haven't tried any heavy lifting thou, I just use it for one vocaltrack 
at a time, but so far it has been smooth sailing.

btw. I tried the same program with Wine and wineasio, but apparently 
Wine can't handle the registration-process.

Kind regards

Mac McIlvaine wrote:
> How well does Ubuntu run XP in a virtual box? I have a couple of 
> programs that use sound and midi heavily and would like to find a 
> way to use them.
> I'm looking for ways because on new machines with only sata, my old 
> XP cd won't load and I've been unsuccessful at slipstreaming the 
> XP CD.

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