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Mon Oct 12 18:14:08 BST 2009

I use two Mackie Onyx 1660's daisy chained connected to a qaudcore UbuStu
Hardy install with Xfce. Mackie has worked flawlessly for me once I stopped
updating to 9.xx versions. I also have a Mackie Universal Pro for my control
surface which worked out of the box with Ardour. I use a M-audio Axiom for
midi control and triggers. I do not use the real time kernel because we only
record bands and don't use the setup in any way for live purposes. I'm
constantly impressed with Hardy/Ardour, Last night I was tracking bass on to
a session with 65 tracks playing back, with 25 or so effects on those tracks
without an xrun or "segmentation fault" :)

On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 12:17 AM, Karlheinz Noise <khzmusik at hotmail.com>wrote:

> > Hi everybody, I think it will be a good idea to tell to the list what
> > equipment we are using with Ubuntustudio, that will help in coming up
> > with recommendations for what to get.
> Good idea.
> As for myself: I use M-Audio equipment almost exclusively. On my mastering
> box, I have UbuStu Hardy with the M-Audio 2496 interface. Works like a
> charm, with no driver limitations. Don't know if those drivers are
> restricted, hopefully not, but if you accept restricted drivers you're in
> the clear in either case. (I always make sure I have the option to use
> restricted drivers in UbuStu, so I'm perhaps not the person you want to talk
> to if you're trying to live up to FSF ideals.)
> I also bought a digital Tascam board on the cheap. Tascam (at the time)
> pretty much used TDIF exclusively, but M-Audio has a board that acts as an
> interface to it. Now, this board is at my studio, and I don't use UbuStu
> exclusively for that (I need Reaper and VSTi's) but I've tried it out in
> UbuStu Hardy and it seems to work fine.
> So, in my experience, M-Audio hardware is a pretty damn good choice.
> I also have a friend who uses a Presonus firewire interface to his laptop,
> and he's been using Linux OS's (various distributions) for years. So
> Presonus seems like another good choice.
> I've also heard that Roland's Edirol interfaces are kind of Linux-friendly,
> but they all seem to me to be cheap plastic toys, so I've never actually had
> an interest in testing them out. What few things I've got that are Edirol
> seem to be really horrid as far as professional audio is concerned, but this
> has nothing to do with Linux.
> Also, if you're even a semi-professional musician, stay away from
> SoundBlaster. It's cheap Chinese crap. Fortunately they had a hand in the
> SoundFont specs, which is actually much better than the hardware.
> Beyond that, I think most lower-level cards are OK for an average Linux
> user. It's only when you get into the ProTools hardware range that things
> become difficult. (My brother works for Avid, so I'm trying to convince him
> otherwise, but give me a little leeway here.)
> Oh, also you should use UbuStu 8.04 for the next year or two, until all the
> bugs are worked out. Skip the 9.x versions altogether. Too many issues. This
> isn't Windows, you don't need to install the latest and greatest OS to get
> work done. "If it works, don't fix it" is especially applicable here. Nobody
> here is a programmer, we're getting work done and not writing code, so make
> sure you use only stable releases, even if they don't have as many features.
> Trust me, you'll thank me later.
> My two cents.
> -Karlheinz
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