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Fernando Gomes wrote:
> Yes, I had the ATI driver working on the 9.04 (non rt) after manually
> installing it - I didn't remember exactly the process to do it, but it
> worked (this is why now I'm logging my "work" on, this
> way I have a memo of what I have done and can be also usefull to
> others). I didn't managed to use the ATI proprietary drivers with the
> rt kernel (I had to boot using the non rt kernel, change to the free
> driver and boot again the rt kernel). The problem for me with the free
> driver is that it is TERRIBLY SLOW... When I have a full screen
> refresh I can see it being refreshed from top to bottom. With the ATI
> driver (catalyst) it is very fast.
> If you have some tips on how to use the proprietary drivers with the
> rt kernel, please let me know ;-)
Don't do it if you can avoid it.  Both ATI and nVIdia proprietary
drivers have caused me no end of pain in the last 8 years or so.

Also, the radeonhd drive is the open source driver but it does not
support all ATI devices.  It *only* supports the recent line of "HD"
cards, basically the 38xx and later.  For older cards you are limited to
the proprietary fglrx driver.

I just picked up a Core i7 and an ATI 4890.  It should be interesting to
see how this rig works.

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