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Tue Oct 6 12:33:46 BST 2009

At Monday, 05 October 2009, you wrote:

>I have two computers running Ardour2.  One is running Ardour 2.7.1 on
>Gentoo, the second is running Ardour 2.3 on Ubuntu.  There are some
>differences in the editor UI which I'd like to reconcile.  Any help 
>be appreciated.
>In the 2nd installation, Ardour 2.3, the playhead cursor (vertical 
>extends only up to the bottom of the ruler stack.  On the 2nd, the
>playhead cursor extends all the way to the top.  I would like to have
>the option to change this behavior easily.
>In the 2nd installation, left-clicking on the Range Markers ruler
>creates a selected range between the two nearest location markers.
>is very handy, but I can't reproduce this behavior on the Ardour 2.7.1,
>having tried control and other meta keys along with mouse clicks, with
>no luck.  Can this be changed somehow, or is it a feature that was
>"upgraded" out of the program between the two releases?
>Is there a better documentation source for Ardour than the one at
>  This is woefully incomplete.

I'd post these questions on the Ardour forum or on the Ardour IRC.
The Ardour dev is usually around there.

The doc at the site you mention is under construction, so it is indeed 
incomplete, the site mentioned in another reply is pretty cursory 
as well. I don't think either is meant to be a user manual or tutorial,
but are meant to be reference docs. I have found a few tutorial 
videos over at Vimeo to be helpful. But, I've found hanging out on 
the Ardour IRC chan. listening and askiong question to be very useful.


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