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On Oct 5, 2009 12:51am, "Jason M. Christos" <TechnologyJason at>  
> what is good microphone in the $200 range to record vocals that is  
> compatible with ubuntu studio? I would prefer to hear from someone who  
> has actually used the combination to record vocals, thanks in advance

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> - Jason M. Christos

I highly recommend the Studio Projects B3 microphone. For its price (around  
$150 on-line) it is easily one of the best sounding large-diaphragm  
condenser microphones out there.

My set-up for this is:

Mic > Audio Interface w/ built-in preamps (Presonus Firepod) > Computer  
(Currently running Hardy)

As others have mentioned, you will need to have phantom power in order to  
use condenser microphones. Which means either your soundcard or interface  
needs to supply the power, or you'll want to have a dedicated pre-amp.

Finally, once again, it seems we have all forgotten that we are supposed to  
be writing at the BOTTOM of posts when replying, not at the top. Thanks!
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