user settings reset possible?

Tom Poe tompoe at
Mon Nov 30 08:35:10 GMT 2009

I have glommed up my pulseaudio settings.  At the moment, I somehow 
stumbled across some combination of settings in whatever audio dialogs I 
could find, that enabled me to use Jack to play and record audio on 
Audacity.  I am running ubuntustudio with ubuntu 8.04.  Problem seems to 
be these settings now interfere with my system sounds as well as opening 
videos from my directory folders (e.g., Movie Player, VLC, Mplayer).  I 
created a second user at one point, and when I log into that user, sound 
works for system and opening videos in media players.  Can't remember if 
Audacity runs with Jack, or not.  Anyway, I'd like to reset my user 
settings to default.  Can that be done?

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