laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Wed Nov 25 20:51:14 GMT 2009

Hartmut Noack a écrit :
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> teza schrieb:
>> Hello world!!! Is there someone who can explain to me how to use Xjadeo.
>> Thanks for your help
> 1.) extract the soundtrack from your video
> 2.) make a version of your video like this:
> http://xjadeo.sourceforge.net/doc/ar01s03.html#video_formats
> 3.) start jackd, then Ardour
> 4.) start xjadeo with the video
> 4.1.) Import the extracted soundtrack to a new track in Ardour.
> 5.) if Ardour is set for Jack as transport master, the video will start
> with its first frame at point zero in Ardour and follow any movement of
> Ardours playhead.
> enjoy :-)


I've tested this under UBS karmic 32 bits RT with a laptop 64 
bits/4Go/ATI radeon 256 Mo.

my integrated sound card is a bad one, in RT, working without xruns at 
5,33ms of latency, with ardour+xjadeo+jackrack(10 effects live)+ 
jackeq+nautilus, thunderbird, gimp, cinelerra.

everything goes ok, no trouble with sound... that's great.

I'm gonna show this in PAris this week-end at the ubuntu party...


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