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> Hello world!!! Is there someone who can explain to me how to use Xjadeo.
> Thanks for your help
> Regards from Paris
> Teza
Sure!  Essentially, Xjadeo is a video player that syncs with the Jack
transport (from the Jack audio server), or Midi MTC.  Xjadeo does NOT output
any audio, just video, so it's most useful when creating audio to accompany
a video (I've used it for making movie soundtracks).

For detailed intructions you could read the official info on how to use
Xjadeo at http://xjadeo.sourceforge.net/doc/ar01s03.html
One important thing I've found is to convert your video file the way they
describe there:
    mencoder -idx -ovc lavc -lavcopts keyint=1 -nosound input-file.xxx -o

Once the video is loaded, and jack is running, I also found the audio
programs I was working with (Ardour for instance) may need to be set to
control the jack transport (in ardour this is in the dropdown menu right
next to the master time clock).

Is this clear?

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