Sage advise needed! Ubuntu Studio 9.10 & error 15 (in grub?)

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at
Thu Nov 12 04:10:23 GMT 2009

Daniel wrote:
> Grub is going to be very picky about the disks that are attached to the 
> machine when you install. So, for instance if you have a removable disk 
> that grub identifies as part of the install - and then you remove that 
> and attempt to boot... problems ensue. So, for instance your windows 
> install - if that partition is moved or changed after grub is installed; 
> you will get an error 15 - but most likely when trying to boot that 
> specific drive and not when grub loads.
> Without knowing the specifics of your install, it sounds like something 
> regarding the drive configuration that you had installed ubuntu onto 
> changed. Maybe when erasing the data on your ext3 you had formatted the 
> drive, which would change the UUID and perhaps other aspects. If grub 
> was installed on this drive, that would cause the error you are talking 
> about.
> My suggestion would be to partition your system before installing, do a 
> clean install and if you want to change anything - change it in Ubuntu, 
> then remember to run:
> sudo update-grub
> if you get errors during that process, resolve them before rebooting... ;)
> It sounds like you got the problem figured out and are able to boot your 
> OS'es now?
> I've been using ext4 since Jaunty, and I've defintely noticed the 
> difference in performance... Disk checks take seconds whereas they took 
> minutes in ext3. I've never had any problems with it, but your mileage 
> may vary. ext4 was beta until recently, so I expect there were problems 
> with it at some point... Personally I've never had any though...
> Daniel

Ok, Daniel,

Here I am, writing this from Ubuntu Studio 9.10.

The problem, it seems, is that the installer does not give clear 
directions on the mapping of the install of Grub 2 (maybe some of my own 
denseness too?) .  I finally figured out that all I had to do was go 
into my bios & include the hard drive that I have Ubuntu installed on 
(not my Windows XP disk, which I do believe, previous installers place 
Grub on to, as that was the setting previously for a few versions of 
Ubuntu (?)).

Thanks again for help. As the poet said: "How can you learn less?"


P.s., I did notice an apparent increase in speed in doing some things, 
possibly having to do w/ the ext4 formatting (?), admittedly limited 
experience here tho.

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