Hardware & Software Recommendations?

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon Nov 9 14:20:59 GMT 2009

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Erik Rasmussen schrieb:
> Looking for Hardware and Software recommendations...
>    1. If you build your own desktop computer and you plan to install Ubuntu
>    Studio to do broadcast audio and video production, what *motherboard *

Any recent mid-price motherboard will do. If you buy a new one from the
shelf the older the better....

> and
>    *audio **card *do you recommend?

Depending on budget:

lowest: MAudio Audiophile (around Euro/USD 80,-) no other reasonable
card on the market works the same as smoothly.

more: MAudio Delta (the same as the Audiophile yet with more analogue

pro: RME Hammerfall DSP - unbeatable yet with around 500+ on ebay not
quite cheap.

>    2. If you are about to purchase a *laptop *for audio and video production
>    and to use Ubuntu Studio, what laptop do you recommend?

> *What Linux native software do you recommend
> for broadcast quality audio and video production?*

Every software on Linux produces sound at the maximum quality level that
can be handled by the hardware.
There is no artificial limitation in terms of quality in free software
for Linux.

> Brief list of *some *software features desired:
>    1. Can open, edit and save as FLAC audio files (without having to
>    manually convert first).
>    2. Multi-track editing capabilities.
>    3. Very detailed graphical representation of waveform.
>    4. Fast to open and to save files.
>    5. Visual feedback of audio levels or graphical representation of
>    waveform while recording and playback.
>    6. Able to gracefully handle and mix with audio files of varying sample
>    and bit rates.

I also recommend Ardour but you have to accept, that you need to open
("import") every file you want to use in Ardour. There is no
"rightklick/open with ardour" option in any filemanager. Ardour itself
knows only one fileformat, all external files you want to use are
converted with the import.
Thus Ardour can offer maximum performance/comfort and soundquality. And
ask whoever you want in the pro-audioscene: nobody will name a single
reason to actually work with compressed fileformats.

Regarding movies: Ardour can be synched with the videoplayer xjadeo to
make it work for post-production. To cut/arrange movies in the first
place I recommend openmovieeditor - it is available for ubuntu studio
and works reliable and fast while it has everything one would use dayly
when working with final cut

best regs

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