laptops this holiday season

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Mon Nov 9 06:25:54 GMT 2009


Well, I'm thinking about buy a Samsung NC20, it's a netbook, with a huge
screen (for this kind of gadgets) of 12.1", and all the features you'll find
in one. The slogan is: The favourites in Europe. I'm not sure and it isn't
important to me.

But this model has not an Atom processor as the most of the netbooks around
the world. It has an interesting Nano by VIA. But I don't find yet
documentation about this processors running under Ubuntu, and for me will be
grateful can install Ubuntu Studio in one, ¿could be this possible now?


lutar e vencer!
lluitar i vèncer!
combattre et vaincre!
combattere e vincere!
vechten en overwinnen!
kämpfen und besiegen!
kämpa och besegra!
bojovat a zvítězit!
walczyć i wygrać!
воевать и выиграть!
jarraitu eta garaitu!
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