Hardware & Software Recommendations?

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Mon Nov 9 01:00:59 GMT 2009

Looking for Hardware and Software recommendations...


   1. If you build your own desktop computer and you plan to install Ubuntu
   Studio to do broadcast audio and video production, what *motherboard *and
   *audio **card *do you recommend?
   2. If you are about to purchase a *laptop *for audio and video production
   and to use Ubuntu Studio, what laptop do you recommend?

On Windows, Sony *Sound
Forge*<http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/soundforge>and Sony
*Vegas Pro* <http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/vegaspro> have worked very
well for broadcast audio and video production.  I'm trying to switch to
Ubuntu Studio, but I have not found comparable and capable native Linux
tools to achieve the tasks of detailed audio editing, multi-track audio &
video editing and production.  *What Linux native software do you recommend
for broadcast quality audio and video production?*

Brief list of *some *software features desired:

   1. Can open, edit and save as FLAC audio files (without having to
   manually convert first).
   2. Multi-track editing capabilities.
   3. Very detailed graphical representation of waveform.
   4. Fast to open and to save files.
   5. Visual feedback of audio levels or graphical representation of
   waveform while recording and playback.
   6. Able to gracefully handle and mix with audio files of varying sample
   and bit rates.

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