laptops this holiday season

Gerhard Lang lang.gerhard at
Sun Nov 8 23:29:01 GMT 2009

Tom Poe schrieb:
> Price of laptops is dropping.  Need recommendations for laptop 
> manufacturers that make best equipment for putting ubuntustudio on them.
> Tom
Aunt Google knows Databases for laptops/notebooks wich work well with 
Linux. If they are known for running Linux without issues, the prognosis 
is good for getting ubuntustudio run on them smoothly too.  Hardware 
should be widespread on market at least for 1-2 years, but not much 
older. Not the bleeding edge if you want to get it running oootb, no 
exotics, no unnecessary gimmicks. Intel-Atom CPUs work, but much more 
satisfying for serious media-work are standard dual/quad cores >2GHz, 
FSB >667. Intel, AMD or Nvidia chipset, at least 4G DDR2or3 RAM, 
integrated HD-audio and Firewire. If mainly used for audio production 
integrated Intel graphic chips will do the job. For a little more 
advanced graphics, video work and gaming I'd recommend any widely used 
Nvidia or Ati chip with 1/2G dedicated memory.

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