File system errors - Ext4 ?

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Thu Nov 5 18:02:03 GMT 2009

Robin Darlington wrote:
> Ok I have had a quick look at that bug and I have a few questions.
> First of all I am running 2.6.31-rt kernel and the bug is said to 
> affect 2.6.32-rc1 and above is it still possible that it may be the 
> same bug?
> How can I fix it? Should I reinstall with ext3 filesystem? will ext3 
> perform as well as ext4 for Audio  ?
> Thanks,
> Robin
> 2009/11/5 Tommy Hjalmarsson <tommy.h at 
> <mailto:tommy.h at>>
>     Robin Darlington wrote:
>>     Hi everyone,
>>     I am running a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio Karmic and I have
>>     now experienced filesystem errors twice.
>>     The first time I put my computer to sleep and upon waking up it
>>     would not accept my password (not due to keyboard layout : i
>>     checked by typing it in username field) so I restarted and then
>>      I had to run fsck manually to fix the Filesystem errors. The
>>     seccond time I was trying to install some software in the
>>     terminal via sudo apt-get and the sudo was just getting ignored.
>>     So i restarted and once again had to run fsck in order for my
>>     system to boot. I installed with a ext4 filesystem.
>>     Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here? and how to fix it?
>>     Has this happened to anybody else? Could it be to do with the
>>     fact that I am using to tweak ubuntu
>>     <>  to install third party software
>>     (Opera, VirtualBox, Code Blocks etc.) ?
>>     Thank you for your time,
>>     Robin
>     Here is a bugg comment:
>     /Comment #6 <>
>     From Alexey Fisher <mailto:bug-track at> 2009-10-10
>     16:48:58/ -------
>     Ok, i think i know now how it's happed. I nneded some time to play to reproduce
>     it. There is _no_difference_ if you just boot 2.6.32 kernel run fsck and then
>     boot 2.6.31 kernel and run fsck again - nothing will happen.
>     here is the way i reproduced it:
>     1. crash (reset or poweroff) 2.6.32-rc3 kernel,
>     2. start again in 2.6.32-rc3
>     3. run fsck it well looks clean.. but some progrums will lost it setting.
>     4. reboot and start with 2.6.31 kernel
>     5. run fsck and this will find that ext4 is brocken.
>     6. after fsck fix it.. many fils will be lost.
>     >From the website:
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I don't think it's a big difference between ext3 and ext4 in audio 
performance, but it's only my guess.

And more rapport about Ext4 problem in Ubuntu 9.10 are coming in.

    Possible corruption of large files with ext4 filesystem

There have been some reports of data corruption with fresh (not 
upgraded) ext4 file systems using the Ubuntu 9.10 kernel when writing to 
large files (over 512MB). The issue is under investigation, and if 
confirmed will be resolved in a post-release update. Users who routinely 
manipulate large files may want to consider using ext3 file systems 
until this issue is resolved. (453579 

 From the website:

I had this problem my self.

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