File system errors - Ext4 ?

Robin Darlington robin.darlington at
Thu Nov 5 17:34:07 GMT 2009

Ok I have had a quick look at that bug and I have a few questions.

First of all I am running 2.6.31-rt kernel and the bug is said to
affect 2.6.32-rc1
and above is it still possible that it may be the same bug?

How can I fix it? Should I reinstall with ext3 filesystem? will ext3 perform
as well as ext4 for Audio  ?


2009/11/5 Tommy Hjalmarsson <tommy.h at>

>  Robin Darlington wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am running a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio Karmic and I have now
> experienced filesystem errors twice.
> The first time I put my computer to sleep and upon waking up it would not
> accept my password (not due to keyboard layout : i checked by typing it in
> username field) so I restarted and then  I had to run fsck manually to fix
> the Filesystem errors. The seccond time I was trying to install some
> software in the terminal via sudo apt-get and the sudo was just getting
> ignored. So i restarted and once again had to run fsck in order for my
> system to boot. I installed with a ext4 filesystem.
>  Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here? and how to fix it?
> Has this happened to anybody else? Could it be to do with the fact that I
> am using to tweak ubuntu <>  to install third
> party software (Opera, VirtualBox, Code Blocks etc.) ?
>  Thank you for your time,
> Robin
> Here is a bugg comment:
> *Comment #6 <> From Alexey
> Fisher <bug-track at> 2009-10-10 16:48:58* -------
> Ok, i think i know now how it's happed. I nneded some time to play to reproduce
> it. There is _no_difference_ if you just boot 2.6.32 kernel run fsck and then
> boot 2.6.31 kernel and run fsck again - nothing will happen.
> here is the way i reproduced it:
> 1. crash (reset or poweroff) 2.6.32-rc3 kernel,
> 2. start again in 2.6.32-rc3
> 3. run fsck it well looks clean.. but some progrums will lost it setting.
> 4. reboot and start with 2.6.31 kernel
> 5. run fsck and this will find that ext4 is brocken.
> 6. after fsck fix it.. many fils will be lost.
> From the website:
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