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Thu Nov 5 00:53:47 GMT 2009

On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 4:20 PM, Tommy Hjalmarsson <tommy.h at>wrote:

> I have installed UbSt 9,10 64 bit. And I can start Jack and Ardour if I
> have the starter for them on my desktop and write gksudo (and I don't
> need to write my root password, thats strange) in preferences/commando.
> The shorter version, Jack work when I'm are "root", and it is honky
> dory, it's working anyway.
> But...................
> I can't however not connect as a "client" to the Jack server with Jack
> as "user", only as "root". The error message points on that Jack can't
> connect as a client. And this last line (not in red color):
> /(<unknown>:13353): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme directory scalable/animations
> of theme Ny_hjalle has no size field/
> hjalle=me/user. I don't get the error message as root, *and I dont know
> if it is a big error*. If I somehow have made a strange user
> "Ny_hjalle"  for the sound server, in what config file can i find it?
> (I cant find Ny_hjalle in my user settings)
> Must I make a Jack user group with "user rights " or....what?
> 9,10 sounds better than 9.04 however on my laptop.....but only as root:)
> /Tommy Hjalmarsson
Tommy, it's not the last error message that should be looked at, but rather
the first error message.  If you can't determine which error message is
first, copy and paste the entire output of the messages windown on an
attempted jack start (not using root).  If it's a huge output (may be if you
have verbose messages turned on) you may want to paste it in a pastebin like then post the link here.

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