UbSt 9,10........Jack?

Tommy Hjalmarsson tommy.h at
Thu Nov 5 00:20:05 GMT 2009

I have installed UbSt 9,10 64 bit. And I can start Jack and Ardour if I 
have the starter for them on my desktop and write gksudo (and I don't 
need to write my root password, thats strange) in preferences/commando. 
The shorter version, Jack work when I'm are "root", and it is honky 
dory, it's working anyway.


I can't however not connect as a "client" to the Jack server with Jack 
as "user", only as "root". The error message points on that Jack can't 
connect as a client. And this last line (not in red color):  
/(<unknown>:13353): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme directory scalable/animations 
of theme Ny_hjalle has no size field/

hjalle=me/user. I don't get the error message as root, *and I dont know 
if it is a big error*. If I somehow have made a strange user 
"Ny_hjalle"  for the sound server, in what config file can i find it?  
(I cant find Ny_hjalle in my user settings)

Must I make a Jack user group with "user rights " or....what?

9,10 sounds better than 9.04 however on my laptop.....but only as root:)

/Tommy Hjalmarsson

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