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Mon Mar 16 18:30:53 GMT 2009

"Our aim is to make it more accessible for new users to get into the tools=

that GNU/Linux has to offer for multimedia creation and production=2E"

There points in these statements that are at loggerhead with each other=2E=

Someone working as a professional audio/video/graphics person, is out to
make a living and, frankly, probably doesn't have time to be a Linux geek
as well=2E

(A somewhat interesting side note: the current issue of EQ magazine did a
"roundup" of DAW software=2E As you might expect ProTools was there and ev=
Audition=2E All softs covered ran on Macs or Windows=2E Linux audio tools
didn't even get honorable mention!)

So where are these experienced Linux people, who happen to want to do audi=
going to come from=3F

I happen to be a member of a pro sound google group that has 796 members=2E=

These are working audio professionals, world wide=2E I posted asking any w=
were Linux people to reply=2E That post is less than an hour old, so the
verdict is still out=2E I'll be surprised if the response is 10%=2E

I submit that by the nature of this beast (Ubuntu, FOSS, etc=2E) you're go=
get a high percentage of less than "experienced" Linux users=2E At least o=
reason, is, those looking to use FOSS are either frustrated with windows
(and the cost) or are looking for a budget way to do
audio/video/graphics=2E=2E=2Eor both=2E

If Ubuntu Studio is only for eagles, then make it clear to all the pigeons=
"Don't try to fly with us eagles=2E=2E=2E"=2E Don't even mention the enthu=
siast or
new users mentioned in the wiki, because people aren't going to interpret
that as "Linux geeks who are interested in multimedia"=2E

I suggest, that to build a community, you are going to have to help the
noobs, the early adopters, become the geeks they need to be=2E

This may mean, at least initially, a very narrow focus for the distro=2E S=
that the small core can coach the others along until some critical mass is=


To be honest, as I've become more acquainted with the way of Ubuntu and th=
FOSS world, I'd have to ask: if an experienced Linux user wants to do, say=
audio why would he/she need Ubuntu Studio anyway=3F They would presumably
know how to get Ardour, Jack, and maybe FFADO and be off on their way=2E

So my point is Ubuntu Studio is a great general purpose multimedia distro=2E=

I understand your frustration with limited help stepping up=2E Volunteers =
always a small percentage of any community=2E So, grow the community, then=

that percentage is a larger number of actual bodies=2E

So to finally answer one of your questions: "What do *you* want Ubuntu
Studio to be=3F Would be a shame to see the project that carries the power=
Ubuntu name slip into the dark=2E"

I fully intend to start doing documentation, once I get a system that work=
every time I boot and am confident in what I'm writing=2E Frankly there is=
plethora of "do this", "do that" with little or no basis or explanation of=

what to expect=2E IMO that's not documentation, that's 90% wild goose chas=
and if you're lucky you find the 10% that works in your case=2E

What do I want in Ubuntu Studio: I want to setup to record a session and
when I boot the pc, it's ready to record, without xruns or crashes for 3
hours continuously=2E

In the long run I may even get around to dusting off my coding skills and
jumping into that fray=2E=2E=2Eagain=2E

End of consciousness stream=2E=2E=2Egrabbing my flame proof undies=2E


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