8.10 & rt kernel?

suemac at empire.net suemac at empire.net
Mon Mar 16 18:36:52 GMT 2009

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>From: Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
>Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:21:41 -0400
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>Subject: Re: 8.10 & rt kernel?
>suemac at empire.net wrote:
>> Has Ubuntu Studio 8.10 cleared with rt kernel?
>Studio 8.10 (Intrepid) will never have an "official" -RT kernel. All
>current efforts are focused on 9.04 (Jaunty)
>-Cory K.

That's what I thought.

I was asking because the "StepByStep" on the ffado site loads 8.10 then
gets -rt.

But it is specific to getting ffado support working.
So the rt issues don't have direct impact on sound?

How does one determine the rev of particular apps in a UBStudio (or any UB)


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